Armando Orduña EdD

Scientific Outreach & Nonprofit Panel

Job Title: Director of Outreach Programs

Current Employer: Children’s Museum Houston


  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Houston, Houston, TX (2017)

  • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX (2013)

  • B.A. in Modern Languages and Literature, Spanish, University of Houston, Houston, TX (2002)


I began my career right where I find myself today—in informal Education. As an undergraduate student, I took an entry-level position in exhibit interpretation with the Children’s Museum of Houston. When I left the Museum, I functioned as an Outreach Educator dedicated to the export of the Museum’s family engagement and Out-of-School STEM programming to under-resourced communities. After seven years, I transitioned into a high school classroom teaching introductory Spanish. I taught in the classroom for 10 years: Spanish, Science and the Teaching Professions.

As a classroom teacher, I sought to leverage my classroom experience and perspective by joining advisory groups and professional organizations which would inspire me into pursuing additional degrees in Educational Leadership. I have now returned to Children’s Museum Houston where I now lead teams of educators in an amplified scope of the same mission of exporting family engagement and informal learning. I operate a small consultancy which has led me to work with children’s television programming in the area of science education and cultural pedagogy. I sit on the board of Connect Community, a local non-profit consulting firm, dedicated to the revitalization of a residential community in the Gulfton-Sharpstown area.

Most useful skill sets acquired from/for your field: (list the three most important skill sets that you have acquired as a result of being in your job or that are most necessary for your job).

The most valuable skill sets I draw upon in the execution of my duties are listening to what people are communicating rather than just what they are saying, communicating my ideas clearly to others and finding the opportunity in a problem. 

What I love most about my job:

I lead educators in designing, implementating and evaluating programming for Out-of-School learning. Coupled with my professional interests in this area is my personal drive in delivering family programming to under-resourced families throughout the same city where my family raised me and in which I am now raising my own children.

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