Ana Luisa Stuckett, PhD

Clinical Trials Panel

Job Title: Community Medical Liaison

Current Employer: Syneos Health supporting GlaxoSmithKline PLC


  • Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M Health Science Center, Houston, TX (2016)

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate at The University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston, TX (2010)

  • Ph.D. in Microbiology, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland (2009)

  • M.S. in Food Biotechnology, The University of Reading, Reading, UK (2004)

  • B.S. in Agro-Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal (2003)


My earlier training was in Food Science and Technology. My love for basic science led me to purse a PhD in Microbiology followed by Postdoctoral training here at the Texas Medical Center, where I had the opportunity to work across institutions on the identification of microbial virulence factors and host-pathogen interactions. I then transitioned into clinical research and spent 4 years at the Investigational Cancer Therapeutics Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center as part of a team conducting Phase 1 clinical trials. I spent 2 years as a Clinical Studies Coordinator where I worked with oncology patients preparing to enroll in a clinical trial. I later transitioned into a Regulatory Coordinator role, which allowed me to be involved in all protocol startup and regulatory maintenance activities. I am currently working as a Community Medical Liaison with Syneos Health supporting GSK, where I travel to discuss with Health Care Providers the latest clinical data on GSK oncology drugs.

Most useful skill sets acquired from/for your field:

Attention to detail; ability to communicate clearly and concisely; ability to work within a team.

What I love most about my job:

Every day, I am learning and/or teaching something new. Empowering clinicians and nurses with the latest clinical trial information can have a huge impact in a patients’ life.

Contact information:



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